Interior Design Elements

In your preliminary unit, you learned about the elements and principles of design, but you learned it in just basics. We are now going to apply it into interiors. Whatever you’re going to do in the preliminary unit, we are now going to add on to it.

Just to recap, elements of design are space, line, shape, texture, and color.

The first element we’re going to talk about is space. And when you’re judging your space, it’s the area between objects in a room. You want to make sure that your space has both positive and negative space. Your positive space is the space that is used, your negative space is the space you don’t use.

In the picture above, this is very good use of space. You have the bed here at an angle. You have two sitting chairs. You have a bench. You have good clearance around all aspects of the bed. It’s very good. It would be 50/50 use of positive space which is where the placement of furniture, and negative space which is your walkways and what not.

This picture here is great use of space. Let’s look at below, there’s lots of empty blank space. You have the couch there, you have the table, and you have this little hutch. This is all blank space.

The couch, if put in an angle, would’ve created a different illusion of the room. But because the furniture is not right, the space is lacking.Lots of open areas is called wasted space. You want to make sure to put equal amounts of positive and negative space.