All About Designing Your Interiors

Did you know that in the past year, it has been documented for the first time in history that half of the world’s population now live in urban areas. The EPA estimated that the average American spent 90% of their time indoors. Yet, the average American typically has no control over the public environments they inhabit.

The Interior Design Coalition of Washington is a unified voice representing interior designers, students, educators, industry partners, and consumers. The goal of the Interior Design Coalition of Washington is to advocate for the interior design profession.

Many people still don’t know what interior designers actually do. Interior designers have to study for professional certification exams to become a licensed interior designer.

This requires you to obtain an accredited university degree, plus many years of in-field experiences before you are qualified to take a series of licensing exams.

Many people are still confused by this, because they think couldn’t anyone be an interior designer. Well, of course, many people can have good design sensibilities and creative ideas. But, to become an interior designer requires much, much more than that.

Public safety is very important when it comes to building environments. After all, that’s where we spend the majority of our time. And while engineers and architects are responsible for many important building components, they’re not responsible for everything. Especially interior components such as interior partitions, corridors, circulation, suspended ceilings, lighting, furniture, equipment, and finishes.

Someone needs to make sure all these interior components meet egress, life safety, indoor air quality, and building code requirements, while at the same time being functionally and economically designed.

Fire safety is really, really important.

Most of us know about fire alarms and sprinklers, but there are also other steps are taken to ensure our safety.